Webkinz has been hyped as one of the best toys around because they are cute stuffed animals that you can register at the Webkinz site and then play games with them. The toys themselves are very cute, but there seems to be MAJOR problems with the website.

After many consumers complained, the site even took off the link where they could be emailed. Many consumers say they've tried contacting GANZ (the toy company) with no luck. Even after many attempts to contact them, after making sure my computer had everything required, and after much heartache to my grandson, I still haven't been able to register this product.

I would definitely NOT recommend buying Webkinz, unless you just want a cute toy to look at.

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Eastaboga, Alabama, United States #1612
:( My son lost 8,000 from hisacct. GANZ actually blames him for giving his password out.

WHAT!! He is 5!! He doesn't even know what the password is. I DO.

They better fix this and quit ignoring people. :( :sigh
Eastaboga, Alabama, United States #1611
:cry This is my child when webkinz is constantly down and off on the west coast earlier than the rest of the country. AND MONEY DOES GET STOLEN OUT OF YOUR ACCT and my child's pool,
Cindy :(
Oldham, England, United Kingdom #1394

Do you guys think that the Webkinz site will be down indefinately?

Northwich, England, United Kingdom #1388

I bought our first webkinz this Christmas. Was able to register, which started our clock ticking to be able to use the website...Then bam!

They took the website down. Very frusterated and disappointed!

Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom #1369

I am very disappointed and have a crying little boy that does not understand. This is nothing but theft!!

Since it is impossible to contact anyone at Webkinz.com I will contact stores that sell this product.

It is time to develope a better product and run Webkinz out of business!!!

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